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Functional foods

Functional foods

The International Food Information Council's definition of a functional food or food that function. Food is a substance that is beneficial to health. In addition, there are nutrients that help protect against diseases such as nutritious. And treatment The health benefits of these compounds include, for example compounds in garlic help to lower blood cholesterol. And boost the immune system Some kind of anti-cancer, diabetes, obesity, covering several food groups.

- Vegetables, fruit, herbal tea
- Sugar substitutes (sugar substitute) as the love Tony oligomer Sachs carotene. (Fructo-oligosaccharide)
- Substitute fat (fat substitute) as Molly's Dex Estrin. (Maltodextrin) inulin (inulin).
- Dietary fiber (dietary fiber), such as beta - glucan (beta-glucan).
- Prebiotic (prebiotic).
- biologically active substances such as phytoestrogen Antioxidants (Antioxidant) and probiotics
- Gamma - amino butyric acid. (Gamma-aminobutyric acid, GABA).

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