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In particular, the perfume bottle There will be different levels of scent over time.
We call it the various notes of the perfume, which perfume should be changed to the third level.
And adjust gracefully without nose or harm to our organs.

Fragrance notes of all three levels, we are called differently composed.

1.Head Notes / Top Notes
The smell of perfume odor that evaporates out of a first small molecule compounds that are made from evaporated.
The fresh look is striking. The smell of this range is about 10-20 minutes after the perfume.

2.Heart Notes / Middle Notes
The smell of perfume in the perfume itself. The smell is gentle and harmonious.
To smell the base notes by heart notes of the fragrance in the range of approximately 3-6 hours after the perfume.

3.Base Notes / Back Notes
The smell of perfume in the perfume smell was gone most of the dry parts of perfume.
Can last up to 24 species used to make perfume base notes are made of high molecular weight compounds.
The slow nature of the volatile aroma is mild but distinctive flavor or aroma that looks neat.
And it smells different, depending on the user's natural body odor, activity, weather conditions, such as heat.
Or humidity, etc.

Four smell of perfume
Fragrance notes that if each component of the oils used in the fragrance mix.
It consists of three odor smell that is Head notes, Heart notes, Base notes that when the user.
Put on perfume and put the body in the smell of perfume mixed with the smell of natural users.
This makes the nature of the odor has changed the nature of the user's natural body odor that.
And the smell fourth place.

The smell of a perfume base notes at the end of a stick left on the perfume after all.
It evaporates almost exhausted much of which is that this bridge is part of the base notes only.
The bridge is very sensitive to the smell caused by the smell of perfume from the rest diluted.
And mixed with the odor of natural user makes a change, it is often easier to live with.
Each user's natural body odor.

The natural smell of the perfume is a key part of the individual should be taken into consideration when buying perfume.
The suit yourself If you buy any perfume, do not try sniffing from the bottle should only inject it into the body.
To know that when the smell of perfume is to smell your natural or not.
You are a person who is not a strong odor or not the activity that causes heavy sweating already.

The smell of perfume that has been affected by the natural body odor are just smell the base notes.
But in some people with a strong odor or activities may need to try harder.
Heart notes of the fragrance, to be sure.

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