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Blending foods

Blending foods

Homogenizer machine, also called a pressure homogenizer machines and food processing equipment used.
The homogenization To mix And reduce the grain size of the fat in the liquid. The homogenization Emulsion stabilizers

Use in Food Industry

Homogenizer machines are widely used in the food processing industry include milk and liquid dairy products, coconut milk dressing.


Homogenizer machine works by using a high pressure pump. Forcing fluid through a valve known as the Straits of Johor Mo Ji Nice. (homogenization
valve) at very high speeds Energy from Pressure Causing shear forces Shock and rupture of small bubbles severe cavitation effect to smaller particle liquid dispersion and homogenization.

The pressure applied to the liquid food such as milk pasteurization is between 10-25 MPa (100-250 bars).

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